Motorsport has always been an integral part of Tarox Brakes from the beginning. More often than not, man and machine are tested to absolute destruction in the quest for finishing first, and having a product capable of withstanding the pressure can be the difference between winning and losing.


Put simply, motorsport isn’t about compromise: it’s about being the fastest and doing whatever it takes to achieve this goal, be it engine power, tyre grip or breaking performance. If you can develop a product capable of surviving the stress and strain of a race car, it’s safe to assume that technology can then be applied to road-going applications with devastating effect!


Rallycross is one of the most challenging (and fun!) motorsport disciplines thanks to its mix of circuit surfaces that vary from tarmac to gravel and mud all in a single lap. Combine that with wheel-to-wheel racing and you’ve got one seriously exciting race on your hands!


One of the most recognisable stars in British Rallycross is Simon Horton, driver and owner of the Horton Racing British Rallycross team. Joining the sport back in 2004, Simon has over 13-years of Rallycross experience including the 2014 BTRDA Clubman Supercar Champion.


For 2017, Simon is once again behind the wheel of his Tarox-equipped Subaru Impreza competing for the MSA British Rallycross Supercar Championship – not an easy task by any means, but Simon’s Scooby is far from standard!


Power has been upped to a massive 550bhp using a Borgwarner EFR Turbo which, when launched through the Impreza’s 4WD transmission, delivers blistering performance in the form of 0-60mph in just 2.5-seconds!

Proflex 3-way adjustable suspension allows Simon and the team to make precise adjustments depending on track and weather conditions, while an Internation multi-point rollcage keeps the Impreza stiff and safe in the event of an accident.


For the Impreza’s brakes, Tarox 6-piston callipers matched with 330mm two-piece discs have been utilized front and rear to give Simon the edge over his competition. Because of the surface change in Rallycross, often a car is required to drift or pitch into corners using the handbrake meaning a precise brake bite is essential.


Factor in high-speed braking on the tarmac straights and materials such as gravel & mud hammering the brake rotors and you’ll soon realise why Rallycross is one of the toughest disciplines to succeed at, especially from a braking perspective.

Tarox Brakes are hugely proud to support Simon and the Horton Racing Subaru Impreza and look forward to seeing him competing once again for the 2017 title!

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