TAROX brakes are built with race car technology, so what better place to enjoy the full performance than at the race track? This isn’t just any race track however, this is Goodwood Motor Circuit.


As one of the oldest circuits in the UK Goodwood has a wealth of heritage and motoring spirit. This high speed track leaves little room for error and with a long straight heading to a short braking zone is the perfect test of braking power and balance.


TAROX expertly design high power and excellent modulation into our brake kits and in wet conditions where grip is low this is especially important. Great pedal feel allows the driver to delicately tread the tightrope of braking traction.


Ben Chandler’s M3 is equipped with a full four-wheel TAROX big brake upgrade, the rear kit perfectly matching the front kit for power and finesse. What’s more, with a hard-anodised black finish it can stand up to the worst that British weather can throw at it!


Learn more about TAROX brake upgrades for the F80 M3 here:http://www.tarox.co.uk/shop/bmw/make-bmw-m3-f80/