In what is the middle of the Italian Summer holiday’s we set aside some time to look back upon the journey TAROX has made since its 1976 inception. The inspiration, we would love to say, was nostalgia but no, much more practical. With the launch of brand new website it was agreed that the new site needed to include a heritage section looking back at the companies early revolutionary beginnings in Motorsport, founder Gianni’s time as a stunt driving and this leading into the creation of performance brakes for road cars.

Taroni et Staff circa 1995

So we delved into old photo albums and archives, met with old journalists and racers who knew TAROX founder Gianni Taroni while also discussing the past and present with Maria Taroni, Gianni’s wife and business partner and daughter Valeria Taroni, now TAROX boss.

Gianni Maria Valeria Taroni circa 1978

We discovered some interesting facts and insights into a young Gianni, what drove him to try such new and exciting technologies in a nonexistent market. We learnt more about his early days as a racer himself and then his involvement in Formula 1 as a supplier.

Gianni on racing car

Early multi piston caliper design – a true pioneer in this area, TAROX multi-piston calipers years in front of the competition. Lots of cool pictures of Gianni’s early Formula 1 projects and stories of his passion for driving and travelling

TAROX catalogue circa 1990 back

So much has happened in the 40 years since the creation of TAROX but we like to think we still embody Gianni’s mantra of ‘Forever, ‘Brakes’ while developing braking systems utilising modern technology and materials which work in harmony with today’s much improved safety and performance electronics.


Delve in to the history of TAROX here.

TAROX factory Osnago