We’re a sucker for a turbocharged 80’s hatchback, and they don’t get much more nostalgic than the Renault 5 Turbo. Famed for unreliability they were really a victim of their own success, an infinitely tuneable engine meant people would push them beyond the capabilities of the standard parts. Many owners opted for engine swaps, those who have stuck with the platform have ended up with highly developed projects.


One such person is Taner, who we found via the #taroxbrakes hashtag. His Renault 5 now has a B18FT engine pushing 323bhp and a Sadev 6 speed gearbox!


Hiding underneath the wheels, that look fresh from a tarmac rally, this Renault 5 utilises a six pot TAROX big brake kit to bring it to a halt. Being a longstanding TAROX fan, Tanner’s kit is period correct to the little Renault. Thanks to the serviceability of TAROX callipers these aged callipers can continue to perform impeccably in 2017.


Follow Taner’s project on Instagram on his page: https://www.instagram.com/renault5gtturbo/