Who doesn’t love an NSX? It’s one of the most iconic cars of the late 1990s and although it was originally a bit of an underdog and not seen as a ‘true’ supercar its grown a huge cult following. This is thanks to a mildly underpowered V6 engine allowing the Honda NSX to let the driver shine, this is one car that is far greater than the sum of its parts.


Developed and honed by Senna himself, getting behind the wheel of the Honda NSX is one of the greatest driving experiences possible and is considered to be fantastically balanced and poised. But what if you want more? Well @robertnsx found himself in exactly that position.


With handling and power upgrades sorted, to keep the balanced driving dynamics balanced, he opted for a four wheel TAROX big brake kit on his NSX. This, coupled with a choice of lightweight rolling stock ensures that the true spirit of the NSX lives on in his modified example.


Browsing his page, it seems Robert is something of an Honda fan and with the NSX having had more wheel changes than you can shake a stick at, he’s certainly our kind of guy.


To read more and follow the build on Instagram visit Robert page: @robertnsx