Browsing the TAROX Instagram hashtag often opens our eyes to new and exciting builds. This is just one of them, built by a guy by the name of @zerofuck_z. Don’t let the username put you off however, this is an awesome build.


It turns out he’s something of a Z33 fanatic and runs Z Nation, a club for fellow Z heads to chat about these pretty little Nissans. He’s also got a great Facebook page where he details the modifications he carries out on his car, check it out here:


The build has more than meets the eye too, considerable work has gone into the seat and harness install with rapid prototyped brackets and some awesome engineering. It’s the low slung stance and wheel combo that steals the show though.


Naturally the reason it’s on the TAROX hashtag in the first place is the brake upgrade. This car uses F2000 discs to bring the V6 plant to a faster stop than stock. Z33s are not famous for their braking performance and with an exhaust and intake upgrade this one is no different.


To find out more and follow the build head over to his Instagram page: @zerofucks_z