TAROX brakes are no stranger to custom fit applications for motorsport, over the years TAROX have produced one off solutions for pretty much every aspect of the motorsport world. So when Steve Biagioni got in touch to create a bespoke braking solution for the S13 platform we knew we could exceed expectations and deliver superb braking power and pinpoint precision feel.


The unique challenge required for high power braking, fantastic communication and braking feel, plus the ability to lock the rear with a flick of the hydraulic handbrake is one that TAROX excel in.


Bespoke calliper configurations were developed to give this braking setup it’s dual function nature. Lightweight calipers and discs at the rear improve throttle response and allow for easier traction break under power, the compact dimensions for the front kit allow for superb wheel clearance and allow Baggsy to choose from a range of wheels at the track.