As one of the largest car tuning websites in the world it’s safe to say know a thing or two about performance! From engine-swapped classics to highly-tuned supercars and everything in between, the guys @ Speedhunters eat, sleep and breathe car culture on a daily basis.


This is even more apparent when you take a look at the cars they own and drive, specifically Paddy McGrath’s Mk6 VW Golf GTI project. Boasting lightweight Rays wheels, Air Lift suspension, Revo tuning and a Scorpion exhaust Paddy’s Mk6 is the perfect fast-road car capable of holding its own on track, too. But with extra grip and power the Golf was seriously lacking in the brake department – something TAROX could easily rectify!


‘The stock brakes on a GTI are adequate and perfectly fine for road use, but start to hammer them and they come undone pretty quickly.’ explains Paddy. ‘I tried a pad upgrade beforehand, but ultimately decided to do things right and do it once, so that I never have to worry about upgrading the brakes again.’


‘I’d seen TAROX brakes being deployed on a couple of MkVII GTI and R Golfs in the UK, and having spoke to a few owners and getting great feedback, I felt that this was the direction I wanted to go. In particular, seeing them on a friend’s Golf R was the ultimate decision maker.’


‘Everything was included to make this a bolt-on direct replacement. No fabrication was needed at any stage, just simple assembly. In fact, it was considerably more difficult to get the original parts off. This bracket is required to allow the caliper to sit precisely on the new disc. The flexible rubber brake line has been replaced with a stainless braided equivalent.’


‘With everything torqued up, I went for an easy test drive to make sure everything was working properly. Out of the box, the performance is seriously impressive. Moving in slow traffic, they’re light and easy to modulate; they’re not grabby or anything. In fact, they could pass for the stock brakes for feel under normal driving circumstances, which is a great thing in my opinion.’

You can see the full installation and read Paddy’s report by visiting the following link: