Our latest big brake kit is the TAROX Grande Sport kit for the F80 BMW M3. It’s the culmination of an extensive design program and testing regime on our own in house car. The 380mm two piece vented discs are clamped by our new B38R 8-pot caliper and offer unrivalled brake feel and modulation.


With 500+ bhp on tap Ben Chandler opted to upgrade not just the front brake setup of his F80 M3, but also the back.


Discs are a two-piece configuration to keep the overall weight to a minimum. The rotors are machined from the finest quality European steel billet before being heat treated, faced, and hand finished to create a perfectly flat braking surface. The bell of the disc is machined from the same high quality alloy as the calipers and is hard anodised for protection from the elements.


As with all TAROX kits the Grande Sport range integrates with all modern day driving assistants such as ECS, ABS and dynamic driving aids. Each kit features;

  • Hand assembled calipers machined from the highest quality billet alloy.
  • Heat treated CNC machined billet rotors in either F2000, Sport Japan or D95.
  • Hard anodised alloy disc bells.
  • Uprated brake pads
  • CNC machined alloy mounting brackets with bolts.
  • Braided & coated brake lines.


For the bespoke touch all brake kits are tailor made, for the car and for you. For each application the calipers are fine tuned to maximise performance to that specific chassis. Furthermore we offer a choice of caliper colours, disc styles and pad compounds to ensure your kit performs perfectly in any scenario. When placing your order, please specify in the notes section during checkout which disc style and pad compound you require.


At the rear a B360-6 6-pot caliper acts on a 375mm 2-piece disc to achieve a balanced and powerful braking experience.


Find out more about the TAROX F80 M3 brake range:
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