Olly’s MK3 VR6 is a unique blend of form and function. On the one hand it’s a BBS RS wearing show car with immaculate paint work and on the other it’s sliding around the karoussell at the Nurburgring.


Taking influences from Japan, Olly’s used Voomeran body parts to bring a unique Japanese flavour to this iconic Euro-hatch. Further solidifying the JDM intentions, Olly has selected Enkei’s RPF1 wheel for track duty. Olly’s a friend of TAROX and actually purchased the MK3 from the head of our US operations.


You’ll notice that the car sports a couple of different front ends, one Vento and one with a dual projector Golf arrangement. The car was purchased with a good chunk of the aesthetic touches already done but a switch back to the Golf front has given it a new identity. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which you like best but the twin rounds just scream racecar!


With a choice of wheels at his disposal, Olly had to be sure that any brake upgrades wouldn’t cause issues with the BBS RS. Enkei RPF1 have a fantastic brake clearance but the BBS; not so much. To optimise the stock setup Olly’s used TAROX F2000 discs and Corsa pads all round, coupled with TAROX RoadRace and steel brake lines it makes for a formidable package.


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