The TAROX Super Sport big brake kit for the MK7 Golf platform has proven hugely popular with MK7 Golf owners who are serious about braking performance. New German Performance agree and selected the 360mm version their latest track project, a MK7 Golf R.

Finished in anodised blue it fits with NGP’s white/blue/black company colours perfectly. A 360mm two-piece disk is mated to TAROX’s eight piston B360 calliper to give unrivalled braking performance and feel and you can choose from the complete TAROX pad compound range to select a suitable brake pad to suit your application, wether fast road or circuit.


NGP put the unique modulation of the TAROX Super Sport brake kit into words perfectly:

“One of the hallmarks of the Tarox BBK kits are to provide significantly improved performance but without some of the “on / off” feeling that other aftermarket performance brake kits have. Make no mistake, the Tarox 360mm 8-piston kit (exclusive to the Golf R, S3 and Performance Pack GTI models) has excellent pedal feel with good modulation and release characteristics.

The benefit is that the onset of braking is progressive and it’s a lot easier to stand on the brakes without accidentally throwing yourself and your passengers into the dash, or ending up the hood ornament of the 18-wheeler that’s tailgating you.”


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