Mike Jackson is a self confessed track day addict. With the Nürburgring being the holy grail of track days it’s this track that Mike has built this TT to conquer.


But it’s not just German circuits that you’ll find the MK2 TT at though, Mike’s done a tour of the UK’s best circuits too. All the time making upgrades and improvements to the Audi with the goal of making it as enjoyable as possible at the Nürburgring.


Part of Mike’s plan has to keep balance throughout the build. A KO4 turbo upgrade powers the car with suspension, brakes and tyre upgrades to suit. Mike has chosen TAROX billet 2pc discs to bring the Audi to a halt. The TAROX discs allow the true potential of the TT-RS 4 piston calipers to be utilised out on track and lightweight aluminium bells reduce un sprung weight.


Outside the unusual colour grabs attention while a TT-RS rear wing adds a little downforce and a lot of attitude. Mike’s kept the visual enhancements low key compared to some of his previous projects and chosen to focus solely on performance.


A bespoke cage matches the white Team Dynamics pro race wheels and lets you know that this TT is much more about go than show. We don’t see many track prepared Audi TTs, especially of the MK2 variety, which is strange when you consider how good this looks.


But that’s not the end of the journey for Mike and his TT. He’s already been busy fabricating a custom splitter and dive plane setup for the front, matching the Leon TCR vented bonnet. Follow the build on his Instagram, @j49ko.


TT-RS discs have a versatile fitment and can be used as part of an OEM+ upgrade for multiple VW Group applications. The fully floating two piece nature of the discs also ensure they are a very effective brake discs upgrade over the original Audi TT-RS 8J brake discs

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