Fast Ford’s Jamie King has a fast road project building on the already superb Focus RS platform. It’s pretty straight forward to get these engines producing much more horsepower than stock, but with the standard car already feeling under-braked Jamie knew he would have to upgrade the stock brakes.


Looking to keep with the OEM caliper Jamie looked to the TAROX 2-piece disc upgrade for the MK3 Focus RS. To give more performance headroom TAROX has developed a replacement two-piece billet performance brake disc solution. This allows the full potential of the standard caliper to be realised. The TAROX two-piece front discs feature an aluminum bell for superior heat dissipation and greater braking performance.


TAROX’s two-piece performance front brake disc solution features cooling vanes that are specific to each side of the vehicle. Coupled with superior billet material specification this results in much greater heat management over the standard Ford discs for increased braking performance and dependability. What’s more, the TAROX two-piece disc is a full 4.1kg lighter than the original Ford item, giving an important reduction in un-sprung weight.

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